Kris Bryant’s Father on Little League and Being a Baseball Dad


In this article, Mike Bryant, the father of MVP Kris Bryant answers questions about his time coaching his son in Little League.  He talks about the importance of coaching from a distance, allowing Kris develop at his own pace and how Little League is such an important level for kids to be a part of.

Little league is a developmental level for kids to play with their friends, where fun should be the number one goal.  This level of baseball allows a children to develop a basic knowledge base for baseball but most importantly a passion for the sport.  This passion for baseball is derived from the fun they have playing with their neighborhood friends, giving them the desire to learn and want to play more baseball.  Club baseball is a great tool for kids at all levels, as they play more games and learn to play in more competitive environments, but Little League baseball adds a more important ingredient for long term success in baseball and in life.  Fun.  Kids learning to play the game without the pressure of winning or losing allows them to develop a closer bond with their friends and their parents, creating an environment that develops a higher passion for the sport.

A quote I really liked from Mike Bryant:

“When I coached, I actually let him more or less coach himself… I was a book, and he read from me when needed it… I wanted him to develop critical thinking.